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2cv6 Club

9.500,- 1983 157.000 km

Je hoeft je vakantie helemaal niet gestresst te beginnen, in lange rijen op Schiphol, in je hotel aankomen zonder koffers. Je kunt ook gewoon lekker dit eendje kopen, het dakje oprollen, je (kampeer)spullen achterin gooien en Nederland of buurlanden gaan verkennen!


2cv6 Spécial

15.000,- 1989 47.000 km

This 2cv was delivered new in Belgium and came to the Netherlands in 91. Since then it has had only 1 owner here and he has taken good care of it.


2cv6 Club

19.500,- 1987 134.000 km

Back on the nest; this fantastic 2cv. In maintenance with us for almost 20 years, in the hands of 1 family for a very long time.


Dyane 6

11.750,- 1969 85.000 km

After the start of production of the Dyane, the intended successor to the 2cv, soon a need for more speed developed. In '68 the Dyane D6 was launched, which used the 602cc engine from the Ami 6. A few months later a newer version of the 602cc engine became available, one that liked more revs and was used in almost the same form in the Ami 8 and later in the 2cv6.


2cv AZ

NTB 1958 110.000 km

Under construction, with modern technique


Dyane 400

13.000 1980 53.000 km

The successor to the AK 400 was called Dyane 400 in Spain. The rest of Europe called it Acadiane. The body was similar to that of the AK 400, but the chassis was a bit longer to fit the nose of a Dyane. The advantage of this was that you had a lot more space behind the wheel. The streamline was better as well and it had a little more power, so you could actually overtake trucks!



10.000,- 1969 92.000 km

Found in the Lot department, in the town of Figeac. In 2004 it got a Control Technique, since 2005 it has been standing still.


Ami 6 Berline USA

3.500,- 1962 100.000 km

In ’61 the Ami 6 was introduced, as a model between the 2cv and DS. Also aiming at a growing target group, the ladies. Apparently Citroën not only saw a bright future for the car in Europe, but also in the USA. A model was developed especially for that market, including a specific front and bumpers.


H Démenagements

9.500,- 1950 48.000 km

In ’48 the first H came on the road, later it developed into HY. The bus could be converted in many different ways and adapted to your business needs.


HY Pickup

13.000,- 1971 121.000 km

This H-van came on the road in ’71 and has been driven around in the Vaucluse. A wonderfully warm and dry region, with a lot of viticulture. Judging by a sticker on the back, it was technically inspected in the village of Isle sur Sorgue, his home must have been near.


Traction Avant 15/6

9.950,- 1952 100.000 km

This 6-cylinder Traction was delivered new near Angers and sold in 69 to a gentleman in Montrelais, a little further to the west. He used her a lot and for the purpose this queen of the road was designed for; to travel. Italy, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Romania were visited. We have correspondence with this owner with the car.


2cv6 Charleston

7.750,- 1990 104.000 km

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