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2cv AZ

Every collection has a start. Mine - and eventually my garage - started with a ’82 2cv6 Spécial Bleu Lagune. I bought it in '92 and still have it.



7.950,- 1983 62.000 km

This Acadiane must have been used by an upholsterer, sliding the rolls of soft and stylish carpet in. The right-hand seat is foldable, an accessory that was often chosen in Acadianes. A tubular frame ensures the load does not roll on your lap.



3500 1963 69.000km km

In March '63 the AZAM entered the French market, a more luxurious 2cv between the basic model and the Ami. Equipped with luxurious upholstery and the shiny details on the outside. It also meant a new model for the Belgian production in Forest, as a successor to the AZL. It became the AZM3, an AZAM but with a third side window; the French didn’t that any earlier than '65.



8.950,- 1978 156.000 km

Many people have a car that they dream of, including us. A few years ago one of our employees thought it should happen. He wanted to build his ultimate 2cv, suitable for quite a variety of uses, in his favorite color and with all kinds of details that he liked. A dream 2cv.



Price on request 1966 67.000 km

"Garage Simon, Villeneuve sur Lot", tells the sticker on the back of this 2cv. Mr. Simon must have been the local Citroën dealer. He pointed the first owner to the undeniable benefits of a 2cv, which could be further enhanced with the ENAC accessories.


2cv6 Club

8.500,- 1987 130.000 km

Sometimes you just don't know much about a car, just the recent history.


Ami 6 Berline

3.500,- 1962 136.000 km

The model between the 2cv and the DS. Luxurious lines, soft seats, more powerful technology.



3.500,- 1964 47.000 km

Where in modern life change and development are the norm, at times it seems wise to stand still. Contemplate on things you take for granted and other philosophical considerations, but also see the beauty of situations that hardly change, or only very slowly.


AK 350 électrique

Price on request 1967 138.000 km

We have read in various car magazines that the market for second-hand electric cars is growing strongly. We cannot stay behind!


2cv6 Club

3.500,- 1990 158.000 km

Text is time is money, so we keep it short to keep this 2cv affordable ...



5.950,- 1982 109.000 km

What is that, a Katar? It’s a plastic car built on the chassis of a 2cv, with a 4x4 drive. The technology was made by Voisin and the Siftt built a body on it that could be used as a delivery van or pickup. 


2cv6 Spécial

6.950,- 1987 128.000 km

We recently trades this 2cv in. It was restored a few years ago by the previous owner himself. The chassis was already replaced in '09 and is still pretty good. The floor, footwell and sills have been replaced, the interior and a few other parts have been renewed.