We’re here for you in your every phase of owning a 2CV.

If you consider buying one, we can tell you what fits your wishes best. We’ll see if we have a fitting car for you, or if we can find one. Should you be able to buy your aunt’s old 2CV instead: we can check it before sale. In doing this, we will look at the state of the car and what work it would still need (if any).

If you’ve been driving a 2CV for a while and you’d like to continue doing so: we make sure your car stays in good condition. With an interval of 7500km, we do either a small or large service. We go down a long checklist, adjust several parts and add some grease – but mostly, we listen carefully and see if anything about the car catches our attention. Modern cars can live without it, but 2CVs live a longer and happier life with some love and attention.

We can help you in any stage of your 2cv ownership.

Modern cars can do without it, but 2cv flourish with some love and attention

If the love for your 2cv is still alive, but the car is rather tired: come and see what we can do for it. An engine overhaul, a good used gearbox or just another starter motor. New fenders, florboards and pedal box, windshield frames, inner wings, trunk bottoms, a new chassis, a newly constructed body or just a new bumper. A shiny new roof, a nice set of seats or a set of Michelins on new wheels. Whatever you would like to give to your 2cv, we can provide it.

Even in case you might want to part with it, for whatever reason, we will assist you. We look for a new owner ourselves or on your behalf. If it is too late for this, we will arrange a nice re-use of parts of your 2cv.

We help you, with what ever you would like for your 2cv.

If it is too late for this, we will arrange a nice re-use of parts of your 2cv.

What makes you start a 2cvgarage??
In many cases by suddenly following your passion after a completely different career. In our cases we were bookkeeper, furniture maker, car polisher, manager, vinologist, window cleaner, musician or, as in my case, head supervisor at a housing association. Yet you suddenly find more enjoyment in life in working with 2cvs. One makes them shine, the other lets the thin metal flow together and the others make sure that the mechanism runs smoothly. Together we have fun and we make beautiful things, what more do you want.

In 15 years we have grown from a shed, to a workshop with showroom, to a large building full of cars. In the back a workshop for welding and structural work, with a large stock of used parts in the attic and new sheet metal parts for the restorations. A showroom full of automobile gems and a storage of project cars and our own cars on the first floor in winter. A large warehouse with new parts from various suppliers from all over Europe, we look for the best everywhere. In the large workshop we overhaul, service and repair. We also finish 2cvs here, in the final phase of the restoration. For our showroom stock, commissioned by local clients or on order from customers from abroad.