2cv AZ

Price on request
Bleu Ardoise
130.000 km

In ’64 the world was still a bit more comprehendable and in Castres you only had to dial 044 to get the LLoret brothers on the phone and order a 2CV. “Have you heard of our new luxury model?”, “Yes, but such a luxurious AZAM is not for me, a simple AZ will do, but in that très chic new blue colour please”. “Bleu Ardoise it will be. Would you like to have it delivered…?”.

They drove happily through the beautiful surroundings. The Tarn wore even deeper through the limestone rocks. The years went by. In ’77 a last insurance sticker was stuck on the windscreen, after which the car probably disappeared into a shed.

Via, via, via and via an acquaintance the 2cv ended up with us. It was obvious that the decline had set in, but what a charisma it still had. Partly thanks to the chic blue colour, thanks for that great choice.

The chassis, the floors, the engine and the bulkhead had to be replaced. Would we be the faithful conservator and make it completely original again? We chose a different path, in which the exterior had to remain intact as much as possible.

However, drastic measures were taken under the skin. A galvanised chassis, modern brakes, 652cc, new floors. A selection of the changes that you only see when you lift the mat, get on your knees or open the bonnet. Some people might call it a restomod.

Let’s also use that other term, patina. A surface structure and colour that has developed through ageing. It suits the AZ well, without becoming a wallflower. The modernisation makes it wonderfully usable and inviting to explore Europe (or your village) in style.