2cv6 Spécial

€ 7.500,-
Bleu Celeste
143.000 km

This 2cv has been owned for 24 years by a customer of ours and before that belonged to her grandmother. It was once pampered and kept indoors. In recent years, this was no longer possible and it was slowly fading away. Sometimes things come up in your life that prevent you from paying enough attention to your precious 2cv. So we were asked if we wanted to guide it to a new happy life.

Naturally! We like that. We gave it the necessary technical attention, welded in a new pedalbox and a few other parts, touched up some spots, cleaned it and polished the paint.

With result. It’s a nice presenting classic again. Not perfect, but just ready for a lot of fun. Structurally sound, driving nicely and with a fresh MOT. The owner almost picked it up again, but sticked to the plan.

So if you feel like your life is not complete without this 2cv6 Spécial, come visit us soon. We also provide maintenance and a full tank of petrol. That’s a lot of ingredients for a fun summer.