2cv6 Charleston

With the Charleston, Citroën brought a bit of chic to the 2cv. Not everyone was charmed by it, but this was also met with, after red/black and grey/dark grey, a very colorful version in yellow/black.

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Fiat 1100 T2

18.500,- 196498.000 km

Roadside assistance technicians here in Hollans used to be able to furnish their own car, so that they could easily find the tools they needed. This often resulted in ingenious constructions and an enormous amount of stuff and materials in a small volume. Fiat France took it even more seriously with this Fiat 1100 T2 and had it turned into a mobile workshop, but so beautifully decorated that it must have been done by a furniture maker.

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Peugeot 403

4.750 196093.000 km

Stonewashed jeans have been accepted for a while. But what do you think of the sunbleached version of the Peugeot 403? Fully restored can be beautiful, but wonderfully weathered, that also makes us happy.

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Ami 8 Berline

7.000,- 1974130.000 km

In 1974 it started spinning its wheels in the Var department in Provence. A good start for a long, rust-free life. On the copy of the Carte Grise we can read that it has changed hands a number of times, all owners living in the Var. In 2013 the Ami moved to the Netherlands.


Renault Dauphine

7.950,- 196188.000 km

We've never had a Dauphine before, and it surprised us with how much fun it is driving it (and how cute it looks!). It was bought in France in 2000 by enthusiasts we know and then regularly ridden and well maintained.

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AK 400

13.500,- 1971100.000 km

This van started life in France, identifying as beige. Probably to distinguish itself a little more, it later turned red. In 2020 it was registered in the Netherlands and made technically ready for regular use.

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2cv6 Club

17.750,- 198732.000 km

(MEER FOTO'S VOLGEN) Mr. Lomans ordered this white 2cv in the luxurious Club model and received it on June 2, 1987. Perhaps he already knew that production in France and therefore imports into the Netherlands would stop. In the autumn, the importer at Stadionplein delivered the last cars, after which some enthusiasts managed to get hold of one, but via parallel import from Belgium or Germany.

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Peugeot J7

8.250,- 197544.000 km

The Centre de Premiere Intervention of the Mairie de Sologny sounds very important. Especially for a town of about 500 inhabitants. Anyway, help needs to be provided there too, so that's probably what this bus was bought for.


Peugeot D4B

3.750,- 196351.000 km

Around the war, the French brand Chenard et Walcker developed a commercial vehicle with front-wheel drive. Quite revolutionary, because it made the loading floor much lower. The CPV came on the market in 1946, earlier than the Citroën H(Y) which came on the market in 1948, but later than the pre-war Citroën TUB, both with “Traction Avant”.



A garage that emerges from passion is guaranteed to bring beautiful things.

You want to share your fun with other 2CV drivers by making sure they and their cars get well taken care of, and you only build and sell cars you would like to drive yourself.

To keep a 2CV driving on a low budget, doing maintenance work on a 2CV you’ve known since ’92, finally restoring the Charleston or Sahara you’ve been having dreams about: we love to do it! Listening to the client’s wishes, proposing our own ideas and reaching a perfect solution together is how we like to work. For parts, advice, MOT, service or a good look at what your 2CV needs to survive the next 10 years: we can help.

A valued customer once described it as being able to play with Meccano all day. Because of its simplicity, it is indeed fun to turn a 2CV inside out and back again, so in a sense, he was right. To turn a rusty, barely driving 2CV back into a worthy one is a wonderful thing to do. Almost all parts are, new or used, well available: we are constantly looking for the best quality, where we don’t mind peeking at neighbours or outside of the 2CV world. Never stop learning!