2cv6 on Super 8

Dyane 6

9.950,- 1979127.000 km

Many northerners go to Spain to enjoy their pension. Dyane turned it around and left Ibiza for the Netherlands. Perhaps it’s better to conclude that this lady is far from her retirement! Or maybe a very active one.


Engineering award

Winning the Engineering Award at the Zoute Concours d' Élegance, for the Sahara we just restored for Edwin Groen's 2cv Museum: unexpected and very cool! The little car was between 74 competitors with names like F40, Facel Vega, Bentley, Countach, Michelotti and Zagato and nevertheless attracted a lot of attention because of the contrast in model and concept. The effort we put in the restoration was highly appreciated, leaving Edwin and us very proud.We popped a bottle of champagne!


2cv6 Spécial

13.950,- 198254.000 km

In 2011, this 2cv came from France. We found her near Dignes les Bains, Department 04, Alpes de Haut Provence.


Ami 6 Break

3.250,- 1967175.000 km km

Chassis in excellent condition, body also pretty good, panel largely handpainted, some rust here and there, nice interior, technical work required. Far from perfect, yet it captivated me with its charm.


Mehari 4x4

Price on request 1980110.000 km km

Soon more info.

For sale

AK 350 hoog

NTB 196873.000 km km

Soon more info.

For sale

AK 400

NTB 1975124.000 km km

New arrival, soon more info.



A garage that emerges from passion is guaranteed to bring beautiful things.

You want to share your fun with other 2CV drivers by making sure they and their cars get well taken care of, and you only build and sell cars you would like to drive yourself.

To keep a 2CV driving on a low budget, doing maintenance work on a 2CV you’ve known since ’92, finally restoring the Charleston or Sahara you’ve been having dreams about: we love to do it! Listening to the client’s wishes, proposing our own ideas and reaching a perfect solution together is how we like to work. For parts, advice, MOT, service or a good look at what your 2CV needs to survive the next 10 years: we can help.

A valued customer once described it as being able to play with Mecano all day. Because of its simplicity, it is indeed fun to turn a 2CV inside out and back again, so in a sense, he was right. To turn a rusty, barely driving 2CV back into a worthy one is a wonderful thing to do. Almost all parts are, new or used, well available: we are constantly looking for the best quality, where we don’t mind peeking at neighbours or outside of the 2CV world. Never stop learning!