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Ami 6 Berline

13.500,- 196465.000 km

In the sixties, the Loiret area still looked quite peaceful, providing nice landscapes to drive across. In the village of Amilly, near Montargis, lived M. Perronnet. In 1964, he decided to allow himself some comfort and so he bought an Ami 6. Would the name of village have played a role in his choice for this model? I like to think so.


P, E or H?

In the Telegraaf and Autovisie you can now find a comparison between a conventional 2cv and two electric ones. One on batteries and one on hydrogen.

For sale


17.500,- 197472.000 km

In 2002, we bought this 2CV near Albi - at that time it had covered barely 40.000 km. We asked the friendly woman who bought it if she could please contact us, should she ever consider getting rid of it again. To be honest, I never wanted to sell this car in the first place. But with a starting company, you can’t afford to keep everything you like.

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17.500,- 196354.000 km

After years of simplicity, a more luxurious 2cv entered the market in '63. Europe was gaining economic strength, reflected by the increase of different car models. After the more luxurious Ami from '61, this model was a logical model between that and the regular 2cv. France got the AZAM, Belgium the AZM3 and later the AZAM6, with a stronger engine.

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2cv6 Club

37.500,- 1987635 km

We have met people before that had rushed to order a 2cv at the end of the French or Portuguese production. Some where used, others immediately stored, in the attic, a barn or in a showroom. That’s what happened to this car, in this case at Citroën dealer Terlouw in Dalem.


ANWB tests 2cvE

ANWB's Frank Buma took our 2cvE for a spin and had a lot fun,. Read his story on the ANWB-website and watch the video as well.

For sale

2cv6 Club

15.950,- 198543.000 km

We found this 2CV in Millau. It’s lived there its whole life. Built in the summer of ’85, it was delivered to Millau through dealer Monju. The Costes family ordered it in the Club edition, which wasn’t too common in France. Most of the later 2CVs were the more simplistic Spécials – with a Club, you chose luxury. 



It has been our dream for a long time, a chassis full of energy. Now we have built it. Our 2cvE is already driving great and with its 120km range it is perfectly usable for the average motorist. But if you know it can be even more useable, then you want it… 


Pop up store Maastricht

Next week we open our pop up store in Maastricht. Coincidentally next to a lot of colleagues also selling cars. Will be fun! Check the website for opening hours.



A garage that emerges from passion is guaranteed to bring beautiful things.

You want to share your fun with other 2CV drivers by making sure they and their cars get well taken care of, and you only build and sell cars you would like to drive yourself.

To keep a 2CV driving on a low budget, doing maintenance work on a 2CV you’ve known since ’92, finally restoring the Charleston or Sahara you’ve been having dreams about: we love to do it! Listening to the client’s wishes, proposing our own ideas and reaching a perfect solution together is how we like to work. For parts, advice, MOT, service or a good look at what your 2CV needs to survive the next 10 years: we can help.

A valued customer once described it as being able to play with Mecano all day. Because of its simplicity, it is indeed fun to turn a 2CV inside out and back again, so in a sense, he was right. To turn a rusty, barely driving 2CV back into a worthy one is a wonderful thing to do. Almost all parts are, new or used, well available: we are constantly looking for the best quality, where we don’t mind peeking at neighbours or outside of the 2CV world. Never stop learning!