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Price on request 196667.000 km

"Garage Simon, Villeneuve sur Lot", tells the sticker on the back of this 2cv. Mr. Simon must have been the local Citroën dealer. He pointed the first owner to the undeniable benefits of a 2cv, which could be further enhanced with the ENAC accessories.

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2cv6 Club

8.500,- 1987130.000 km

Sometimes you just don't know much about a car, just the recent history.

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Price on request 196790.000 km

We still meet them from time to time, former AZAM6 owners in the sixties and seventies. They always remember that it wasn't just a 2cv, it was such a fast one!

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Ami 6 Berline

3.500,- 1962136.000 km

The model between the 2cv and the DS. Luxurious lines, soft seats, more powerful technology.

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2cv AZAM

3.500,- 196447.000 km

Where in modern life change and development are the norm, at times it seems wise to stand still. Contemplate on things you take for granted and other philosophical considerations, but also see the beauty of situations that hardly change, or only very slowly.



Sinterklaas wierp gisteren deze edel-eend in mijn schoot

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2cv AZAM

Price on request 196354.000 km

After years of simplicity, a more luxurious 2cv entered the market in '63. Europe was gaining economic strength, reflected by the increase of different car models. After the more luxurious Ami from '61, this model was a logical model between that and the regular 2cv. France got the AZAM, Belgium the AZM3 and later the AZAM6, with a stronger engine.

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HY Heuliez

Price on request 196975.000 km

The construction of this HY is ready, the technology almost. The plan is to fill the open parts on the sides with wooden panels. But maybe you have different ideas, to make it really fit your business plans. So we paused our work on it, until we have discussed it with you.

For sale

HY Pickup

18.500,- 197298.000 km

Theziers is located near the Rhône, between Avignon and Nimes. Pont du Gard is just around the corner. In 1972, the Avon brothers, living in this village, ordered a new HY pickup for their company. The Carte Grise tells us they were agriculteurs, but not what kind and what the HY was used for. Yet I see images of a yellow sunny landscape, with that characteristic beautiful southern French light in front of me. With a little H-van rolling through it, filled with barrels of delicious wine.



A garage that emerges from passion is guaranteed to bring beautiful things.

You want to share your fun with other 2CV drivers by making sure they and their cars get well taken care of, and you only build and sell cars you would like to drive yourself.

To keep a 2CV driving on a low budget, doing maintenance work on a 2CV you’ve known since ’92, finally restoring the Charleston or Sahara you’ve been having dreams about: we love to do it! Listening to the client’s wishes, proposing our own ideas and reaching a perfect solution together is how we like to work. For parts, advice, MOT, service or a good look at what your 2CV needs to survive the next 10 years: we can help.

A valued customer once described it as being able to play with Mecano all day. Because of its simplicity, it is indeed fun to turn a 2CV inside out and back again, so in a sense, he was right. To turn a rusty, barely driving 2CV back into a worthy one is a wonderful thing to do. Almost all parts are, new or used, well available: we are constantly looking for the best quality, where we don’t mind peeking at neighbours or outside of the 2CV world. Never stop learning!