City car, beach mobile, cool company car, shopping car at your holiday home, this Mehari can be it all.

Price vanaf € 27.500,-


Ruben dreams a lot about electrical solutions for all types of classic Citroëns. And he realizes these dreams too. Electric 2CV’s, a smooth gliding DS, a HY that enters all environmental zones… a vision for an electric C6 to make it future-proof. A lot is happening in his laboratory.

Price equal to the size of your dreams


We can change your own or a rebuilt 2cv into a smooth ride. With recycled or new materials, modest or extreme range, ready for home or quick charging. It’s all possible.

Price conversion starts at € 21.000,-

ANWB tests 2cvE

ANWB's Frank Buma took our 2cvE for a spin and had a lot fun,. Read his story on the ANWB-website and watch the video as well.



It has been our dream for a long time, a chassis full of energy. Now we have built it. Our 2cvE is already driving great and with its 120km range it is perfectly usable for the average motorist. But if you know it can be even more useable, then you want it… 


The Optimist

The december edition of The Optimist brings a happy article on our 2cvE. Hurray! Read the article and please follow their advise...


2cvE in the spotlight

Now in the shops, Classics Cars Magazine. With an article about our electric 2cvE and the E-story, our electric Mehari. And the Financieel Dagblad also writes a article about it; nice!

Since the introduction in May we can’t complain about attention, we’ve already sold several, often completely customized. We are very busy with it, which has delayed the launch of our new website. Yes, there will be a lot of info about our electrical department. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to call or email.


E-story, réplique électrique de Mehari

To restore and convert a car to electric is pricey and, in many European countries, impossible. So why not build a completely new one!
Our partner in southern France, Mehari Loisirs, noticed that Meharis in the area were mostly used to cover short distances, and did not have to reach very high speeds. At the same time, demand for electric cars was growing for environmental and tranquility-related reasons. They developed the E-story.
Because of its light weight and maximum speed of 85 km/h, the E-Story falls in a similar vehicle category as, for example, a Renault Twizy. Smart decisions and series production allow for prices to remain relatively low. This L7e-class does set strict criteria on safety and build quality, hence a roll-cage and 3-point seatbelt mounting points were developed and several other improvements were made, tested and certified. As such, you can get a registration in the Netherlands which will allow this car on all roads.
Urban drive, beach-mobile, cool company car, you name it; we can see a market for this. We very recently became importers and literally got this car from France last Thursday, so we could show it here. Getting our hands on one was a challenge in itself, as the demand for these cars is quickly growing – and so will production.
It is available in 3 versions and in 3 levels of luxury, soon more detailed info on this.  To see more pictures, please check our For Sale page.