We can change your own or a rebuilt 2cv into a smooth ride. With recycled or new materials, modest or large range, ready for home or quick charging. It’s all possible.


Soon in this theatre, all projects finished or in our hands.


Ruben dreams a lot about electrical solutions for all types of classic Citroëns. And he realizes these dreams too. Electric 2CV’s, a smooth gliding DS, a HY that enters all environmental zones… a vision for an electric C6 to make it future-proof. A lot is happening in his laboratory.

Price equal to the size of your dreams

Electric French Truck

Did you know in New Orleans coffee is delivered in yellow French Trucks?


Mehari EV

One of our customers loves Mehari's, drives them himself and is involved with Méhariviera, the cool Méhari rental company on the Côte d'Azur. Earlier we already built a Méhari in a beautiful historical color for them, but now the box of tricks was allowed to open completely!


2x Électrique

A mutual test drive with our colleague Menno from Schilder Electric. That was fun!!


2cvE AK 350

We can also convert your 2cv to EV with your own chassis. This AK 350 from one of our customers is mainly used in and around Amsterdam. A very large range was therefore not necessary, 120km was enough. We built in a pack of used Smart batteries developed by Tesla. 17kWh and 350 Volts between the rear chassis beams were linked to a motor and controller from a Nissan Leaf. They fit perfectly under the bonnet and in front of the gearbox.


2cvE '59

What else did we build on our EV chassis? This ripple bonnet 2cv!


2cvE 2.0

A while ago you could read about our EV chassis, but what have we actually been building on it?


ANWB tests 2cvE

ANWB's Frank Buma took our 2cvE for a spin and had a lot fun,. Read his story on the ANWB-website and watch the video as well.



It has been our dream for a long time, a chassis full of energy. Now we have built it. Our 2cvE is already driving great and with its 120km range it is perfectly usable for the average motorist. But if you know it can be even more useable, then you want it… 


The Optimist

The december edition of The Optimist brings a happy article on our 2cvE. Hurray! Read the article and please follow their advise...


2cvE in the spotlight

Now in the shops, Classics Cars Magazine. With an article about our electric 2cvE and the E-story, our electric Mehari. And the Financieel Dagblad also writes a article about it; nice!

Since the introduction in May we can’t complain about attention, we’ve already sold several, often completely customized. We are very busy with it, which has delayed the launch of our new website. Yes, there will be a lot of info about our electrical department. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to call or email.