Puch MV 50

€ 1.850,-
18 km

I had one before, but strangely enough I never rode it. I sold it to have the proceeds contribute to the purchase of my first 2cv. But when I bought a car a few weeks ago, this Puch MV50 was in the garage, I was tempted.

Beautiful black, quite neat chrome, an absurdly high handlebar. Yes, it had an active registration and started easily, the owner said. He wanted to sell it due to an upcoming move. Because of my bad experiences with starting mopeds, I told him I was willing to do business if he could get it running at the end of the driveway and take it for a spin.

It worked! Awesome! It sounded wonderful and healthy. The deal was quickly made. So I strapped it together with the car I also purchased, a Renault 4, on the trailer. Quite exciting, again that feeling of past adventures.

The seller bought it 15 years ago from a prominent club member who completely restored and technically overhauled it. You notice that and see it. Some rides were done on it, enough to keep it smooth.

At home I got out the chrome polish. The helmet of my former MEP racer was taken off the shelf and I toured the polder. Great! It picked up well, the counter ran up smoothly, it shifted smoothly through its 2-foot gears. My youth didn’t feel that far away anymore…

The color matches my other new acquisition, a Panhard PL 17 Luxe. But that also needs miles, so well, what do you choose…

For sale; a lovely Puch MV50, for your second or third youth.