For sale Sold

2cv AZ

15.000,- 1970 68.000 km

Begin 1970 klonk een pauze-muziekje, we waren in afwachting van de 2cv4 en 2cv6. Ook bij Cees van der Maat in de showroom in Zwaag zal het geklonken hebben. Dus werd op de valreep door een stel uit Hoorn nog een 2cv AZ met 18pk besteld. Ze gebruikten hem toch alleen maar voor lokaal verkeer.

Mehari 2+2

18.500,- 1977 91.000 km

In '68 the Mehari was introduced, a plastic car based on the chassis of the 2CV, or actually the Dyane. In the beginning they also shared that name, Citroën Dyane Mehari. The chassis was shortened slightly, a tubular steel frame was screwed onto it, to which ABS panels were attached with pop rivets. It can be that simple.

Ami 8 Berline Club

NTB 1971 87.000 km

Meer info volgt.

Dyane 6

9.950,- 1982 141.000 km

Considerations of a soon-to-be ex-owner; This blue lady should not be here… No, she's supposed to be driving!

2cv6 Club

11.950,- 1990 65.000 km

We also recycle. Cars regularly return to us, after which we look for a new owner. Each owner adds something to the 2CV, personal adjustments or stories. We found this white 2CV in Germany in 2002, with only 28,000 km on the odometer. It was bought by a couple who got married in it. A rack was installed for the large bridal bouquet.


2cv6 Club

13.750,- 1986 93.000 km

Hoe zou Citroën zijn lakkleuren gekozen hebben? De eerste eendjes waren leverbaar in elke kleur, zolang het maar grijs was. Auto’s waren schaars, de klanten niet, dus konden ze het eenvoudig houden. Toen er meer te in merken en modellen te kiezen viel en het publiek kritischer werd, moest er meer verleid worden en kwamen er kleuren die bij de wensen van de kopers aansloten.


9.000,- 1970 106.000 km

Imagine storing a daily car, let's say a Citroën C3 from 2013, in the shed. For later. There is a good chance that few people understand you. Yet this was done very often decades ago. Like with this Dyane. In '81 it had already had two owners in Terneuzen, the latter decided to put it in the shed after some time. It only came out again in 2014. For the C3 in the example, this would be in 2057.


13.500,- 1982 47.000 km

The Burton was designed almost 25 years ago. A plastic body with classic sporty looks on a 2cv chassis. Building it yourself was the most fun. In the colour, with the details and in the model that you liked.


Puch MV 50

1.850,- 1977 18 km

I had one before, but strangely enough I never rode it. I sold it to have the proceeds contribute to the purchase of my first 2cv. But when I bought a car a few weeks ago, this Puch MV50 was in the garage, I was tempted.


Ami 8 Berline Club

3.600,- 1969 80.000 km

Project car for enthusiast, chassis and body in good condition, no welding needed. Interieur in good condition. Partially hand-painted, solid, needs technical attention on brakes and some other technical issues.

Traction Avant 15/6

47.500,- 1949 110.000 km

An original Dutch delivered Traction Avant is something you don't come across very often. It’s a 6-cylinder. Completely restored? No, only technically overhauled and repainted 20 years ago. It even still has the original interior! And the history is completely described.

2cv6 Spécial

19.750,- 1985 39.000 km

We sold this 2cv once before in 2009. At that time it had driven 23,000 km. It has had two owners, both of whom took good care of the car in their own way.