07 06 2020

2cvE 2.0

A while ago you could read about our EV chassis, but what have we actually been building on it?

We have developed our EV chassis to be able to make a 2cv or other A-type electric without major interventions on the body. The batteries are in the chassis, where a lot of space was waiting for use. Perfect in the middle and with a low center of gravity. As a result, all types that are on the 2cv chassis – and soon also those that are built on the heavier Ami / AK chassis – will fit.

Here is an example of what we have recently built for a client. It was a very worn red 2cv, with a blocked engine. It became a soft floating classic in an outfit the client chose; Vert Embrun, a colour from the sixties.

The car was completely restored, all technical parts overhauled, and everything came together on the EV chassis. In this case with a 27kWh battery pack, good for 190km of range. As a drivetrain, we chose the engine of a Nissan Leaf, just like our previous silver 2cvE. Because it is very good, reliable and fine to adjust, so you can make a very smooth driving car.

And smooth it is! We tested it extensively before delivery and used it to enjoy the polder roads in North Holland. Without clutch and gear shift, without noise. The world around you is even more audible. Recently it has been delivered and the owner is enjoying it. Want to know more about driving a 2cv in silence? Call or email us.

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