We can change your own or a rebuilt 2cv into a smooth ride. With recycled or new materials, modest or large range, ready for home or quick charging. It’s all possible.

More than 100km range that can be extended with fast charging, preferably with the reuse of existing EV components, at least the same performance as the standard 2cv. Our wishlist.

We reached 190km of range. The engine comes from a Nissan Leaf, the batteries are incorporated in the chassis. The performance is potentially spectacular, but is electronically adjusted to the 2cv. The rear springs are slightly heavier, as the weight increases by 180kg. Not a disadvantage, it makes the car drive even better, less jumpy and wonderfully smooth.

Because it can have more revs and has considerable torque, it is no longer necessary to change gears. The 2cv drives from zero to 130 km/h in third gear, the reverse is engaged by reversing the engine with a switch. Clutch and gear lever are no longer required. Great cruising without shifting gears.

Because of the increased power and torque you are more independent on the road. Head wind plays less of a role, you just pass trucks easily. At the traffic light you are certainly not the last to go, don’t be surprised to meet a surprised look. Everything just goes smoother. And all in silence, you can have a conversation without raising your voice.

We use disc brakes, as these are slightly oversized in a 2cv. They are also used on the heavier Acadiane and Ami 8 and work well with the increased weight and power. The engine slightly brakes and regenerates when lifting the pedal, so hydraulic braking is supported a bit. With some anticipatory driving, your brake pads will not wear very fast. In the future we would like to use more regeneration, but then we first have to develop ABS for a 2cv.

We are constantly looking for possibilities and other solutions. Most conversions are done with industrial components with a low voltage. We opt for high voltage because this is the standard in the automotive world and we can apply their proven technology. It also gives the possibility of fast charging, in our opinion the way to get more usability.

Looking for other battery options, we met a party that could deliver very compact units. This allowed us to realize a plan that had been alive for some time: filling a chassis with batteries and building a platform full of energy. Quite a unique development, and certainly not the last.

How far will it take me?

With our smallest set of 27 kWh you can travel 190 km, more than enough for many users, we sell it the most. If you want to replace your C4, we recommend our 37kWh package. This will take you directly from our showroom to Maastricht. There is also an intermediate option: with 32 kWh you can travel 220 km.

We have used daily experience to determine the range. Just like a boat has an ideal hull speed at which it glides optimally through the water, the ideal speed of a 2cv is just under 100 km/h. We have taken this as a starting point. Above, the air resistance increases exponentially and so does your energy consumption. Driving 125 is possible, but it gives you 50% more consumption. City rides on the other hand are much more favorable, also because you are not idling at the traffic light.

How can you charge it?

You can charge at home or elsewhere with a 16A socket, not fast but steady. It fills up at night or during work. You can also charge at a charging pole, in your street or next to your colleague’s BMW i3. It goes really fast with fast charging at Fastned, for example. We’re currently developing this option. The external charger connects directly to the batteries, which will recharge one third of your chosen range in 20 minutes.

Where are the batteries? 

Our other batteries packages are placed in a specially developed chassis, making optimum use of the hollow space under your seats. We add up to 200 kg, but because the weight is nicely distributed, the chassis remains very well balanced. Depending on the size of the chosen package, you keep space for your spare tire. The trunk space is also fully usable here. The batteries that we use are new lithium-iron phosphate cells, they have a 5-year warranty and are substantially energy-tight. High power with low weight.

A special chassis is therefore needed with these packages. With a conversion of your own car, it will replace your existing chassis. 


The motor and inverter come from a quite recent Nissan Leaf, and have been used. The engine only has two bearings as wear parts, that only have to be replaced after half a million of kilometers. It’s got a very reliable inverter which can be perfectly adjusted to make the 2cv run smoothly. The other components, such as the charger, 12V converter and battery management system are new and all come from renowned producers, mostly from the automotive world.


We can integrate the conversion in a restoration, where the 2cv can be built entirely to your wishes. We can also convert an existing car. We always do the entire conversion. We apologise to the self-builders for that …

Did it grab you and would you like to know more, or even take a test drive with our 2cvE? Mail to sander@2cvgarage.nl or call + 31 75 6421258.

PRICES CONVERSIONprices subject to change
27kWh190kmnewprice on request
32kWh220kmnewprice on request
37kWh250kmnewprice on request
EV-chassisprice on request
Heaterprice on request
Fast chargingprice on request
Several options available
price on request

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