26 06 2020

2cvE AK 350

We can also convert your 2cv to EV with your own chassis. This AK 350 from one of our customers is mainly used in and around Amsterdam. A very large range was therefore not necessary, 120km was enough. We built in a pack of used Smart batteries developed by Tesla. 17kWh and 350 Volts between the rear chassis beams were linked to a motor and controller from a Nissan Leaf. They fit perfectly under the bonnet and in front of the gearbox.

The body had suffered from more than 50 years of use and was very thin and / or rusty in various places. A very tough job to restore. After a few nice conversations with the customer, we thought it would be even better to “freeze” the current condition, with all its flaws and dents, badly welded repairs and rust holes. The body was chemically stripped of paint, repaired where necessary and then hot-dip galvanized. Yes, then straight sheet metal parts will corrugate nicely, but that gives even more character. With a few accents and a beautiful interior, it became a work of art.

Ready for another 50 years of hard work, but now with a bit more ease and silence. And a parking permit and no emissions within the city. Charged with own solar panels, moreover.

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