11 06 2021

Mehari EV

One of our customers loves Mehari’s, drives them himself and is involved with Méhariviera, the cool Méhari rental company on the Côte d’Azur. Earlier we already built a Méhari in a beautiful historical color for them, but now the box of tricks was allowed to open completely!

Vert Embrun, a classic 2cv color from the 1960s, was the chosen color. It also had to look cool, with the spare wheel on the bonnet, like the 4×4. But above all, it had to be super smooth to drive, powerful enough to climb the southern French mountains and quiet so the Mediterranean could be heard when driving along a coastal road. Électrique it would be!

We built it on our EV chassis, with 32 kWh of batteries on board. It gives it a range of well over 200km. The engine has more than enough power and torque for a smooth ride on the highway, but it’s even more fun on smaller roads. Wonderfully smooth cruising, a sprint here and there, shifting gears is not necessary, super relaxed.

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