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€ 9.950,-
Rouge Vallelunga
84.000 km

Rouge Vallelunga, I think the most used colour on the 2CV. At least on the modern ones. Delivered from model year ’83 until the end of production in ’90 and apparently popular with many, although there are also non-mainstreamers who detest it, probably because they find it mainstream. We think it fits the ’80s perfectly, sleek and clear.

Vallelunga is located 20km above Rome and is home to a beautiful circuit, where you will see few 2CVs. Possibly more Ferraris. Was Rouge Vallelunga an attempt to hitch a ride on the Rosso Corsa of the Italian racers? In any case, the entire PSA group gratefully made use of this colour, the iconic Peugeot 205 GTI was most seen in it as well . Maybe it will feel a bit different when you get into a red 2CV with aal of this knowledge.

We have just received a nice one in this red for you. Fresh floors, a galvanized chassis, here and there some traces of its life. Driving great, without circuit aspirations, just nice and fast, for a 2cv.

We pamper it with some maintenance and a fresh MOT, the tank is filled. So now it’s just waiting for that click with you.