€ 15.000,-
101.000 km

This van started its life in yellow, AC 311 Jaune PTT to be precise. For years it delivered the mail in France, with the blue La Poste logo on its side. These 2cvs were often given a second life, for another company, on the farm or elsewhere. This AZU even got a third life, now in blue.

More than 10 years ago it was kidnapped to Belgium, where it was completely dismantled and underwent a restoration. Apparently yellow wasn’t the owner’s favorite color, so it became light blue. It suits the car very well and makes it look beautifully classic.

It was dealt with thoroughly. The chassis was painted, as was the entire body, all the technical components were tackled, it runs wonderfully. Seating comfort has also been taken into account, it got new chair mats.

It drives nice and tight. Not very fast, because 18 hp is not very generous. The AZU-A still has a 6 Volt electrical installation, one of the last classics. The following year the AZU-B received 12 Volts and 3 hp more. After this it also got wider ripples and was called 250.

This classic van still has the narrow ribs and the flashing lights on the side. It originally doesn’t have any clignoteurs on the front, but the Belgian owner thought that was too poorly visible, so it got two there too.

A year ago the van came to the Netherlands and drove a few laps here. Now it is available for you to stand out in the landscape, because it certainly attracts (positive) attention!