28 05 2020

What to do?

All holiday homes are booked, all boats have been sold, you have had it at home and it is too busy on the beach and in the park. What to do?

It would be great if you had your own capsule, in which you could move, along beautiful places, with your family.

There are plenty of beautiful places in the Netherlands, so your capsule doesn’t have to travel far for that. Such a capsule can be a regular car, but it is so common. One with an open roof and at which everyone smiles friendly, that would be nice. In which you and your children have fun, just by getting in. Because it wobbles so much and the seats are so soft.

You could already see the image, couldn’t you? It should be a nice 2cv. It offers it all! They have even adjusted the maximum speed for you recently, so that no one races past you and they can all jealously watch you having fun.

Apply some sunscreen, put some music on. Maybe you will even drive on to France, now that it will probably be allowed anytime soon.

We have just gotten in quite a few nice cars, they are on our website. Come and see or contact us for more info.

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