13 01 2022

Old school tuning

9/12/18hp in your 2cv doesn’t deliver a lot of speed. Not necessarily a problem, if that’s your way of life. But we notice that fewer and fewer people enjoy being overtaken by trucks, while they appreciate the classic look and details of these classic 2cv’s. As a result, a more modern 2cv6 is chosen.

In the fifties and sixties you already had “tuning sets” for the A-types. Dagonet built faster 2cv’s and companies like Dopsy and ERSA supplied sets of pistons and cylinders with more bore, taking you from 425cc to about 500cc. Still a small engine, but with a relatively large power gain. We have a few of these sets in our warehouse, but we don’t use them because the piston rings used are not very wear-resistant and seal less well, resulting in a smoking engine.

Now Burton supplies a set of 533cc that can be used on all 425cc engines and is of good quality. We immediately started experimenting with it. First we tackled a very slow 12hp AZS from ’61. We preferred to leave the appearance untouched as much as possible, after all, they are unique cars. With a slightly modified carburettor we immediately got a lot of results. On the first ride already more than 15 km/h speed gain and much more torque, so you can also maintain the speed better.

We are excited! We’re going to convert a few more 2cv’s from our stock and for customers. An 18hp is scheduled for next week, we’ll keep you posted. Of course there are a lot of other options which we’re going to try, plenty of ideas.

A great way to bring more fun to 2cv’s that are often driven for few kilometers and to make the classic models more accessible to a larger audience. You will hear from us about the progress, feel free to let us know if you are also interested in enjoying your classic 2cv even more.

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