18 11 2019

Hilke builds 2cvs

Seeing how a car is built is intriguing. The wedding between the body and the chassis, upholstery and cabling in it, all sheet metal assembled and hung. Nice to see how a collection of parts becomes a car. We enjoy working on it or looking at it being done ourselves, but we notice that it interests many customers as well. That’s why you will find our finishing workshop right in our showroom, in plain sight.

The body is first restored in our welding workshop and then goes to the sprayer for a new coat of paint. In the meantime, the technology is being overhauled in our workshop and built on an existing or a new chassis. All these parts come together again here.

A few years ago we met Hilke, who worked for our neighbor Ducktrail as a tour leader. She had been driving a 2cv for a few years, learned more and more about the technique from the club members of the Eendëei and liked to work on it herself. She happily conveyed the enthusiasm to all customers who set off for a day with the Ducktrail 2cvs. In her next job, she sold us parts because she worked in the office of one of our suppliers. In the meantime, she restored her own yellow duck to its original glory.

When she heard of our vacancy for a handy(wo)man, she grabbed her chance and applied. We gladly brought her in, after which she started with all the possible messy jobs in the workshop, things that we had no time for to do ourselves. But while helping to build the cars it became clear where her real interest and strength lay; building beautiful 2cvs! Because we have a lot of demand for it, conventional and electrical, she took her chance. Now she builds one 2cv a week independently. What a career.

She does the preparation, ensures that used parts are ready for reuse and ensures that new parts are added. On the building list are the wishes of the customer or ourselves, if it is a car for our stock. The color of the roof, what type of upholstery and what items must be new or used. The items are collected in advance on a rolling rack so that they can be screwed directly onto the car.

Clients like to follow the restoration in our garage or at home. We therefore regularly take photos that we share with the customer via a web album. This way they can follow the progress of each step. The person who’s working on the car usually manages the contact him/herself. Nice for the client to learn firsthand and great to immediately get appreciation for your work.

Do you want to have your own 2cv prepared for years of pleasure again or do you want to have a customized 2cv built; Hilke is ready for it!

The 2cv garage team; we work with 10 male and female passionate people. The others will be introduced to you soon.

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