Traction Avant 7C

€ 10.750,-

In 1934, the Traction Avant came on the market. State-of-the-art, with front-wheel drive and a self-supporting body. Developed in just 18 months! Which unfortunately resulted in the bankruptcy of Citroën, but fortunately the company could continue with help from Michelin.

This example is a type 7C that was built in 1939 and survived the war. After that it probably had an active life and the Traction was eventually replaced by the DS and other modernities.

Yet at the beginning of the seventies there was a revival, a revaluation of the Traction Avant. Many Dutch people, including lots of students, pulled the cars out of French sheds for little money. Two brothers from Friesland also did this.

They brought a total of 9 Tractions from France and kept the two most beautiful, including this 7C. They technically renewed it and repainted it on the outside. Whether it already had the duo tone color combination or was black the story doesn’t tell. In 1974 it gets a Dutch license plate, in the 1980s the upholstery is replaced and in the 1990s the smaller 7CV engine is replaced by a revised engine from an 11CV.

Around 2010, the owners sold the car. It went to two subsequent enthusiasts. It drives smoothly, as far as we know it has never been welded and it also looks nice! Fortunately, you don’t just have to drive it, there is also some technical work to be done. You can enjoy the car while you gradually improve it!