€ 9.000,-
69.000 km

With 8 million copies, the R4 has beaten the 2cv in production numbers. In other areas they have also competed with each other since 1961, where the prices are divided between both camps. Anyway, we like the R4 too!

In the Netherlands, deliveries already stopped in 1986. Delivery and production continued in several other European countries. In Slovenia, for example, they were built until 1993. They still drive around quite a lot there and in the surrounding countries. We got this red beauty from Serbia.

A friend of ours found it in Novi Sad and drove it around Belgrade for a while himself. A few years ago it was repainted in its original colour, apart from that it is still mostly original and in very good condition. It has only had 69,000 km of experience, the last 1600 km of which driving to our low countries in one go.

We are going to make it a Dutch resident and have done some maintenance to get it ready for lots of driving pleasure.