HY Sapeurs Pompiers

€ 21.500,-
Rouge Incendie Pompiers
95.000 km

This HY started its career in the Tarn et Garonne department, just below Cahors and a little further north than Toulouse. It was deployed with the Sapeurs Pompiers, these vehicles were often multifunctional. The steps on the sides indicate that something had to be taken from the roof (rack). The sliding windows on the sides were obviously not there for the fire hose reels, but to let in light for people inside.

Sometimes they were used as personnel transport, other models were a kind of ambulance. It remains as widely applicable as it was then. For example, the most recent owner used it as a simple camper for the last 12 years. But with the sliding windows and large rear doors, possibly supplemented with a sales hatch, you can use it to draw attention to anything you want to sell, in an authentic way.

The flashing light is of course disabled, due to missing wiring and a knitted nightcap in colour. The paint has been refreshed once, not super sleek, but completely matching the car. It has been in the Netherlands since ’98.

A lot of technical attention has been paid to it. An LPG installation was once installed to reduce fuel costs. The brakes have recently been completely overhauled, as has the cooling system. It also received an electronic ignition.

In short, it is completely ready for future adventures. You can decide what they will be.