HY Pickup Banquettes

€ 25.000,-
Gris Metalissée
123.000 km

The HY could be ordered from Citroën in a number of different forms. The closed bus, which could then be extended, raised or otherwise converted by various carrossiers. The chassis cab as a basis for even more explicit expression. And the pickup, which was also often extended or covered. This is one with the standard length and without a hood.

They were often used in the field to easily place all kinds of loads in or on them. You quickly imagine baskets full of grapes, crates full of bottles of wine or other Burgundian scenes. This pickup has a pair of beautiful wooden folding benches on the wheel arches, so it can also be used to transport the pickers.

Judging by the sticker on the windshield, it was still driving regularly until ’97. Somewhere in the south of France, we suspect. It must not have been very mountainous, because it has the small 1628cc H72 engine. Unfortunately, we don’t know much else about its early history. In 2018 it was imported into the Netherlands, made technically ready and then sold to a German Citroën enthusiast.

Now it is ready to give its life a new meaning. Static? Would be a shame. Transporting your whole family and dogs to the beach? It’s an option! Other fun interpretations that show off its beautifully patinated appearance! We are curious!