HY Pickup

€ 15.000,-
Gris Metalissée
121.000 km

Yvan was a farmer in department Bouche-du-Rhône. In the middle of a wine region, on the banks of the Durance, he grew vegetables, melons and carrots. According to the commercial register in the Provence.

He bought this HY Plateau with a high hood and the small 1600cc engine in 1970. This one was slightly more attractive from a tax perspective, he was in no hurry and he didn’t have to travel far. The baskets or crates with cultivation results were simply pushed into the back, the loading floor suffered the most, the rest had a pretty good life.

In 2007 it was decided that the HY could be retired and the nearby Musee Automobile de Provence was chosen as the home. The car had been preserved quite well, only a few sheet metal parts at the front were repainted in the classic, pale Gris Métalissee.

When this museum cleared out a part of its collection, it ended up in a museum in the Netherlands. There, the HY collection now also became so large that the building overflowed; a chance for us to get him back on the road.

We offer you this workhorse with original hood as it is. So that you – together with us – can quietly go and see what to do with it. Make it roadworthy again and keep it that way? Turn it into a unique camping or sales vehicle. Bring on your plans, we are curious.