Dyane 6

€ 3.750,-
Blanc Stellaire
84.000 km

The service from Van Gompel from Eindhoven was lightning fast. They started as a Citroën specialist in the 1970s. In order to be able to quickly respond to customers in need of help, they had this Dyane 6 as their first service vehicle. It was equipped with a 4-cylinder boxer from the GS and therefore ran a bit quicker than the standard 602cc.

After it was succeeded by another Citroën in the late 1970s, I believe a GS, the Dyane has always remained in their possession. This Dyane was once traded in at their garage and given this active new life. A lot of other cars from their customer base were kept in the attic. There were ultimately more than 100 of them. Most have moved to new owners in recent years, the Dyane is one of the last. We previously had cars from the collection, including the AZAM6 that we have for sale now.

Well, what to do now with the Dyane? We would simply convert it back to 2-cylinder, if necessary. Maybe with disc brakes? You could also completely restore it and bring it back to 100% original, after all, it is unique to find such an original Dutch Dyane.

But hey, who are… Maybe you have completely different plans for it! You now have the chance to realise them, as we are selling it as is. It has an active registration, rolls, but does not drive. The price is based on the car as it is now.