€ 4.950,-
112.000 km

Vans were used throughout Europe and were built in various Citroën factories. This often responded to local needs; a bit higher, longer, or suitable for passengers, with larger windows.

Like this AZU that was built in 1966 in the Spanish factory in Vigo. Local parts were used, such as the lighting fixtures. It also has a glove box, something the rest of Europe could only dream of.

Just like the Belgian AZUL Weekend and the French AZUs with sets from accessory suppliers such as Glacauto, this AZU is equipped with a folding and removable rear seat. There’s more visibility for passengers through the larger windows. Getting in was not really easy and required some climbing. Not for grandma, great fun for the kids.

We once bought this car from a Spaniard who took it to the Netherlands. We sold it to a collector, where it sat for a few years. Now we have it back and you can have fun with it. You can fix it in a minimal way and refresh the technical components or restore it all-the-way. It’s up to you.