Ami 6 Break

€ 6.500,-
Beige Nanking
72.000 km

The baroque line of the Ami 6 did not appeal to everyone in the 1960s, but its unique rear window (Berline) and its space (Break) made it a sales success. With the simplicity of the 2CV and the luxury of the DS, the Ami was a nice mix of them.

This Break saw the light in ’66 and started its career in the Lot-et-Garonne department. A nice sunny environment that probably burned the paint, it was repainted a long time ago. The panels look neat, so it probably hasn’t been driven around town too much.

The red fabric interior in particular is still very beautiful, quite rare and iconic.

It last drove in 2001, when the oil was also changed. It moved to the Béziers area, where the Ami became part of a large collection of Ami’s. A few years ago the collection was sold and this Ami 6 ended up in a Dutch collection.

It still has a French registration and requires technical attention because it has not driven or run for over 20 years. With a acceptable amount of work you can turn it into an very nice car.

The exterior and interior are already in order; These are the most budgetary or difficult items when tackling a classic, so you are already well on your way when purchasing this nice Ami.