AK 400

€ 9.950,-
Orange Téneré
133.000 km

The cars here often have a history elsewhere. But I have known this van for a long time! I met it in ’94, got it technically ready and drove it around for a while. My daughter in the Maxi Cosi on the front seat, secured with a lashing strap, Isofix did not yet exist…

At that time I changed cars a lot, its predecessor was my first 2CV, the successor a Peugeot 404. But I was not very good at getting rid of cars, so at one point I still had my first 10 cars. This eventually turned into a business.

I transported all kinds of things in the AK, 3 2cv chassis, 10 gearboxes or an entire bathroom’s worth of tiles. It was all possible. I didn’t like the drum brakes, so they were replaced by discs.

It stood still from the late 1990s onwards. First in my storage in Overijssel, then on the site of my new garage and – when more space became available – it was stored indoors in the attic.

At a certain point you realise that you have so many cars and interests that you probably won’t be able to drive it yourself anymore. So a few may go to a new owner. But only after we have put them back on the road and driven them for another lap.

That is very dangerous… because the test drive (on the day it turned 50!) was great, a lot of memories came back. I was tempted to keep it, but I decided to bite the bullet anyway. So grab your chance.

The chassis is fine, the floors has been renewed at some point, technically it performs excellently and it drives nicely. Externally you can see the ravages of time, but I think it suits it. You can also choose to freshen it up a bit further, whatever you want.

I deliver it ready for use and MOT-worthy. There is much more to tell about it, but we will do that next to the car…