AK 350

€ 12.500,-
Vert Cactée
68.000 km

After the AU and AZU, the AK 350 was a further development of the 2cv van. Based on the heavier chassis of the Ami 6 and its technique with a larger 602cc engine, a longer model was built, with more loading capacity.

In ’69 the AK 350 got a more modern engine, as was (later) also used in the Ami, Dyane and 2CV. They were built to achieve their maximum torque at a higher speed. It got some more power as well, 33 hp instead of about 25 hp.

This AK has this engine, which made it a bit quicker than its older brothers. This model is popular for its line, technical specs and better aerodynamics than its later family member, the AK 400.

Vans were built throughout Europe. In Vigo, Spain, Vorst, Belgium and of course France. Most were welded together in the 2CV factory in Levallois, but due to capacity problems they were also built at the (former) Panhard factory in Ivry. This AK was built there, according to its birth certificate that we got from Citroën.

It then drove around in the Corrèze where it stayed all its life. Probably active until 2018, as evidenced by the Controle Technique certificate on the windshield.

It didn’t even take us much effort to get it working again, and it drives great. So we’re going to prepare it further for regular use. The appearance is left as it is, as much as possibe , the floors will be replaced and the technique will be optimised.