2cv6 Spécial

€ 27.750,-
Rouge Vallelunga
2.500 km

A blessing in disguise? This 2cvs life has been on pause for quite a while. It was born on April 26, 1990, on May 30 it was in Brussels at the Belgian importer and on August 24 it found an owner in Mechelen.

A while later things went wrong. This goat, its Flemish name, was stolen and was found with a forced steering lock and significant damage to the front panels. Repairs took off, but then the pause started…

It ended up at a Citroën specialist and was kept in his garage until recently. Unfortunately, it got an extra scratch here and there. We saw it a few years ago, all the way in the back. Last year we decided to buy it, to give it a new life, after all the previous one had merely come to a start.

It was rebuilt with some new old stock, original panels, we had the exterior resprayed in the original color. The rest just required some cleaning and technical attention, but with a great result. It really drives as it just left the showroom. Sleek, shiny, with the grip profile on the steering wheel, which makes it feel like new.

Maybe you drove a new or very fresh used 2CV out of the showroom back then and would like a second chance. Grab this one!