2cv6 Spécial

€ 27.750,-
Jaune Mimosa
80.000 km

If you started your life in modest white and are making a new start, why not make your presence a bit more brilliant. So we opted for the seventies color Jaune Mimosa with a matching roof and an orange fabric interior. The cheerfulness radiates from this completely new 2cv.

This 2cv started its life in the North of Holland, where it added 62,000 km to its counter in the first 5 years of its life. In ’96 it left for the island of Texel, where it was rarely used and was stored in the shed for the last 20 years.

It is a pity that it has not been enjoyed in all that time, but on the other hand it has also remained well preserved. We found the 2cv in the shed in question, saw that it still had a wonderful life expectancy, bought it and decided to give it a happy new life.

Everything that was average or less was repaired, replaced or overhauled. We installed a new galvanized chassis, 5 new Michelins, new bumpers, rubbers and much more. The body and panels didn’t require a lot of attention, but got it where it was needed.

The engine and gearbox were fine and only received new gaskets and seals. All brakes and exhaust were renewed and all other parts reconditioned.

We deliver it as you would expect, completely ready for lots of driving pleasure. We can also make this piece of sunshine appear at your doorstep, wherever you live in the world.