2cv6 Spécial

€ 19.750,-
Blanc Meije
39.000 km

We sold this 2cv once before in 2009. At that time it had driven 23,000 km. It has had two owners, both of whom took good care of the car in their own way.

The first owner bought this little goat (Flemish for 2cv) from dealer Vingerhoets in Antwerp. She mainly used the car locally, so the miles did not really add up. It was parked inside and the dirt that got on it was immediately removed. The neighbor had the golden tip for this, use JIF abrasive, then it is clean in no time.

That’s right, the 2cv was spotless when we came to see it. There was also very little left of the paint, completely sanded through. Anyway, nothing a new coat of paint can’t fix, we repainted the outside.

From 2009 it was kept indoors again and covered with a sheet. It was not driven much, but regularly and it was kept neatly clean, this time with appropriate cleaning products. The car  still looks radiant. The floors and chassis are still in perfect original condition and so is the rest of the car. Everything is very neatly maintained.

The owner recently decided it was time for a new automotive dream. So we have the chance to find a new owner for it again. We ensure that it is completely ready for its next new life, with a new MOT, maintenance, and a good cleaning instruction…