2cv6 Charleston

€ 19.950,-
Speciale serie Charleston Jaune Helios/ Noir
86.000 km

In ’81 came on the market as an action model. After that it got a regular part of the Citroén-range. In ’82 a yellow/black version became available. It was a limited edition, only 27 were delivered in Holland. This must be one of the first ones (most of them have a J-registration) and probably was an importers demo car.

It came on the road in August ’82 and was sold to mister Ter Velde in April ’83 by the dealer in Hilversum. It had 10.000km on the clock. To attribute to all this fun; we’ve got a copy of the bill of sale and a picture of the delivery including flowers on the bonnet!

The 2cv was used for some years and sold on. We found it in the backyard of a Daihatsu dealer a few years ago. It had been standing there for 15 years in rain and snow and it hadn’t done him any good. As punishment for this neglect Daihatsu was taken of the Dutch market, but that’s a different story. With us it has been in the waiting queue for a while as well.

Some time ago we posted some pictures on Facebook of another 2cv, the registration of this Charleston was visible on them. The former owner recognised it, told us its history and shared his pictures with us. It became even better when one of our clients came up to get some parts and told us: that’s my old 2cv! He had had it in the nineties and send us some exra pictures of it at some meetings and at the Citromobile-fair. Nice!

After all this we of course had to restore it to its former glory. That took quite some labour and parts… Unique model, nice history, beautiful result.