2cv6 Charleston

€ 15.000,-

With the Charleston, Citroën brought a bit of chic to the 2cv. Not everyone was charmed by it, but this was also met with, after red/black and grey/dark grey, a very colorful version in yellow/black.

In the Netherlands it was not a sales success at the time, only 27 were delivered via the importer. You can hardly find those original copies anymore. But if there is a rising demand for them, and there certainly was, there’s the option to simply make a replica of it.

This 2cv6 is one. Over 15 years ago, a customer really wanted one, so we built this beauty. Appearance identical to the original, the interior slightly different, with black vinyl on the seats. In 2012 we found a new owner for it. Both customers always enjoyed driving it and had it carefully maintained. It is therefore still in very good condition.

Now we’re on the lookout for a new owner . So if this shiny model has been on your wish list for a long time and you really want an original: we will find it for you (with a flashlight). But if you have become impatient in the meantime and you would like to drive in a head turning 2cv immediately, here’s your chance!