€ 2.950,-
Rouge Massena
147.000 km

After two decades of 375 and 425 cc, the 2CV4 came onto the market in ’70 with 435cc. Not a big difference in cc’s, and only 3 hp more, but the character of the engine was different; it could rev more, even to the point of a turbine-like howl. The 2CV6, introduced shortly afterwards, was also aimed at higher revs.

With the transition from the 2CV AZ to the 2CV4, in addition to the technology, the looks also changed. The very first 2CV4s still had rectangular front indicators, sometimes even with the angled rear light panel of the AZ.

The further along in production, the closer the final shape came. With round indicators in the front wings, as they remained until the end, and square rear lights on a vertical rear panel. The lights were previously seen on the latest model Ami 6.

This is one of the first “complete” models. Originally delivered in the Netherlands at the end of 1970, in the beautiful color Rouge Massena. It drove around near Amersfoort and had its last MOT in 2002. It then probably ended up in a barn, where the registration was lost. We bought it a few years ago with documentation from the RDW to ensure that it can be registered again.

Yes, there is some work to be done, but such a unique early 2CV4 is worth it. We can do it for you (complete or partially), but doing it yourself is a lot of fun as well! Please keep the period stickers…!