2cv AZUL

€ 47.500,-
106.000 km

In 1955, the Belgian Citroën factory introduced a new model, the AZUL. A Luxury AZU, now also suitable for taking passengers in the back. To this end, a removable seat was placed and a recess in the loading floor for foot space.

A large side window was installed to give passengers more visibility and light. To allow them to get in, the right front seat could be folded forward. The exterior was fitted with all kinds of trim and painted in two colours. The finish was similar to the more luxurious models of the ordinary 2cv, the AZL and AZL3, including special aluminum bumpers, hubcaps, a different steering wheel and a larger dashboard.

Most were delivered in a blue/grey colour combination. They were considerably more expensive than the regular AZUs, but nevertheless thousands were sold. Mainly in the Benelux, but they were also sent to Scandinavia and even the USA. We once got an early model from America.

We found this copy at a Dutch enthusiast. He bought it from another enthusiast in 1991. The latter previously bought the car from his then boss in Laren, who bought it in 1969 and drove it for quite a long time.

The car was in very bad condition, but one of the very few survivors. It was dismantled on the spot, the parts were stored in the shed for years, but restoration did not happen. Until we bought it and completely restored it for a client. A lot of donor material was used, but we were also able to reuse a lot of original parts or use them as examples. In this way we were able to trace the original colours and their scheme.

This one was not gray with blue, as most where, but Gris Rosé with the beautiful color Absinthe. A beautiful yellow with some green, or vice versa if you want. We could find the colour numbers on labels pasted on the remnants of the bulkhead, we had them reproduced and applied again. We also had the original seats, of which the jute had perished, repaired by hand by an artist, in order to preserve as much history and atmosphere as possible.

Some parts were missing and were found after a very long search. A rear bumper part, the type plate on the back, the right rims and the special aluminum bumper rosettes, we eventually found them all. Other specific parts such as the Belgian windows, the aluminum trim and front bumper and also the side mirror were fortunately included and were recommissioned.

The paint has been applied slightly matted, which in combination with the original, sometimes slightly weathered parts gives a beautiful image. Not too new and shiny, but just as if it’s in the showroom of the dealer with a few years of life experience, having just been traded in on its successor, the AKL. Both types drove around a lot at the time, but are now scarcer than a Sahara.