2cv AZU

€ 15.950,-
Gris Clair
68.000 km

In ’51 an commercial version of the 2CV was launched, the AU. The Model A Utilitaire had only 9 hp and could carry 250 kg. In ’54 the engine power was increased to 12 hp and the van was called AZU.

The AZU had a long career, but that of the first model – with the ripple bonnet – ends in ’61. Then it got a more modern bonnet and later some larger family members.

This AZU was driven around Auxerre from the autumn of ’58. Mr De Montaudoin bought it and used it as a company car, unfortunately we don’t know what he did exactly. The sign on the rear mentions his hometown of Ste. Pallaye, as was customary at the time. The original license plate from the Yonne department is still painted on it as well.

In 2006, a document was requested from the Préfecture to register the car again. That was probably a moment when it transferred to the next owner, in Chablis. Only the first owner is listed, so it was never registered under any other name.

We know that the floors have been replaced in France and a number of technical issues have been addressed. Fortunately, it has remained very original and untouched on the exterior. After this it was purchased by a Dutchman and taken to Citromobile, where it was subsequently purchased for a Dutch collection. It has been there since 2009.

Now it is in our garage and we’ve got it alive again and provided it with a Dutch registration. It drives great, you feel that it has only driven 68,000 km, our old-2cv-specialist is very impressed about it.

New tires, new brakes, some maintenance and adjustments. Furthermore, we have changed as little as possible, in order to leave the choices to the new owner as much as possible. We only replaced the seat upholstery (temporarily), otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sit and enjoy it…