2cv AZ

€ 19.750,-
46.000 km

2CVs produced in Belgium always have our special attention. Especially if they were also originally Dutch delivered. The models from the factory in Vorst have nice specific details, for example in the lighting.

You will find a lot about it in the book Filles de Forest and on the website of the same name.

We recently bought this AZ from a collector who previously bought it from the person who restored it a number of years ago. He did this together with Jan Bonthond, a renowned address. The car has been treated very thoroughly and carefully.

The colour suits it particularly well. Nice and fresh and sparkling, like the famous drink. Driving is nice and smooth and in slow motion. You sit wonderfully on soft fabric, smoothly suspended by rubbers, in a gently rocking body.

We got in touch with a number of previous owners who had it from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. There were still snapshots in their photo albums, which they shared with us.

The entire restoration is also fully documented, in 3 binders. Attention to detail everywhere. Even a matching cover plate has been made in the trunk, a cover keeps out dust and an extra comfortable cushion can be used to sink into complete comfort.

We deliver it ready for the road and technically completely checked.