2cv A

€ 11.950,-
46.000 km

No. 34556, 2cv production started to speed up a bit. In ’49 there were only a few hundred built, in ’50 and ’51 a few thousand, now tens of thousands rolled out of the factory in Levallois. The 2cvA, with 375cc and 9hp, was also further developed. This 2cv is one of the sought-after early days of production.

For example, these cars had sheet metal parts that were assembled more or less manually, from simply folded parts. The inside of the front wings and doors consisted of bent and welded profiles, later these were pressed as a whole.

Of course they have hammock chairs and a long roof with a small window. The single headlight was only on a prototype, the series models always have two. You still had to indicate directions by hand and there was only one rear light and a reflector.

In 1953, turn signals became mandatory and people did not consider some extra lighting to be an unnecessary luxury. A lively trade in accessories started. This 2cv A is equipped with a set of such indicators and  control panel. Every 2CV from that period had a different system that was mounted in a different way.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about its history. The painted license plate number tells us that it was registered in department 26 in ’55. The Carte Grise is not included, but it has a birth certificate from Citroën, with which a registration can be obtained.

The 2cv A was at some moment taken apart for restoration and has now been temporarily reassembled. It is a beautiful and reasonably complete basis for restoration. There is a lot to say about the details and we like to do that, but that is much more fun next to the car. Yes, there are also a few specific parts missing. We have a few of these in our warehouse, others we probably know where to find.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for this opportunity for years, you have your own plan ready and you want to carefully peel off the second layer of paint to reveal the first layer (as a friend of ours with the patience of a monk once did). Or you would like to hear how we would approach it. Come and have a cup of coffee, or a glass of champagne if your dream finally comes true!

2cv A (1952) For sale - left side rear view