30 03 2018

Eendengarage 2.0

We have moved!

The last few months we’ve been really busy, and thus neglected our news section. Finally here’s an update.

We were looking for more space and found it just around the corner, in the Stofkuipstraat. A former paper factory had been empty for years and showed to be a real opportunity for us. At the end of August we had the transfer. After that we started to rebuild, adapt and arrange the new building, moving all our stuff and clearing out the old garage at the Eendrachtstraat. Since the beginning of February someone else is opening the door there.

The new building offers an enormous volume for our cars and parts, much more space to work in and everything can be stored inside. A nice place to maintain, repair or restore your current or future 2cv or derivative. Also fit for expansion and beautiful future plans.

In the factory they used to make party garlands, crepe paper, wrapping paper and lots more. The buildings we bought housed the offices, storage, expedition and the actual “factory”. In the storage building the large paper rolls were replaced by our 2cv’s. The expedition department now is our workshop for welding and bodywork. There used to to be a lot of large machinery in the former “factory”, now it is a spacious workshop with 5 car lifts.  6,5 meter high and 1500 sq meters is really great to have, but it’s more efficient with a story floor in it. Here you can now find our parts storage, an office and several cars. Beneath and next to it there are storage for larger parts and projects and an overhaul workshop.

We didn’t need 500 sq meters of offices, which were moreover next to the street. So we demolished them. This part of the building will soon be our showroom, we hope to be ready before summer. Of course there will be a grand opening. Before that you’re welcome as well, we improved the coffee, so come on over to enjoy all of it! Or just get an impression with the pictures below.
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