20 11 2018

Beautiful moments

Opposite our garage you find garage de Zeemeeuw (the Seagull), a company specialised in British classic cars. The name finds its origin in a pre-war bus service between the North sea and the Zuiderzee (now a lake called IJsselmeer). Often oddball car-stuff passes by at this garage. When was the last time you saw a Rover SD1, an Austin Princess or Allegro? Well, this last one has been in our view for some time now, orange/brown, original Dutch ’74 registration with DA in the middle.

The owner of the car had visited our showroom before, and came by again. He told he had bought the Allegro mainly because it is from his day of birth, June 13 ’74. That’s quite unique, I said, I wish I would find a 2cv from January 19 ’71! He told me he liked the Allegro, but liked a 2cv even more. On which I took him to a coincidence in our stock: a 2cv4 in Bleu Lagune, also with a DA-registration. Ha, great!, he said and immediately grabbed his smartphone to check the RDW online register to see further details. After that he fell silent, and sighed deeply…

Also from June 13 ’74. There’s no escape, he has yet another car.

In the meanwhile we have made a nice plan together, in which the car will stay as it is as much as possible and will mainly be revived technically. The 2cv has been stored since ’82 stil, with only 32.000km on the clock. Back then it was resprayed on the outside, especially for a marriage. A lot of parts are amazingly solid and neat. Even the engine ran quite quickly and beautiful, after just some work and a new fuel line.

This kind of cars and moments make us feel like lucky bastards…

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