03 10 2015


Throughout my career as Sander Aalderink’s wife I have naturally seen endless amounts of 2cvs come by. Each time I’m at the garage, I walk around the showroom to see if any nice cars have come or gone. Some models or colours are looked at a bit longer than others…

You’d think I would have seen everything by now, but sometimes, you run into something special – like yesterday! An Azam 6 just got in and I got a glimpse of a picture… What is this??? That colour! It wouldn’t leave my mind and I started to get nervous about the idea of this beauty getting sold before… So after an astonishing test ride today, driving with the biggest smile on my face, I knew I had to take this opportunity! This is what joy is – and oh, how lucky am I! Welcome, Azam 6!

Hanneke Verdegaal

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