25 04 2018

2cvgarage Young Drivers Service

We found this leaflet in our archive, with a very sympathetic offer. In ’80 Citroën Amsterdam introduced a service in order to invite more youth to drive a 2cv, the Citroën Young Drivers Service. It was valid for people under 25 and existed of the following benefits;

-500,- guilders discount on the listed price

-100,- guilders discount if you polished your own car before delivery (materials provided)

-100,- or 150,- guilders discount on accessories.

In total a discount of 750,- guilders, supplemented with a free technical course (so you would now what to do if your car fails), the Dutch equivalent of the Haynes technical manual and 10% discount on parts.



We have some customers under 25, not a lot, but we’d like to welcome more. Why not equal Citroëns offer!

So if you’re under 25 and buy a 2cv at our garage, we give you a 750,- Euro discount on your purchase. You have to wax it yourself, so you will learn how to keep it protected. We also teach you the technical basics of the car, so you won’t be completely helpless when your car might have a hick up. We provide you with a Haynes manual (we learned from it as well) and on top of that you get a 10% discount on parts or repairs you get from us, until you’re 25.

Youngsters of Holland (and surroundings) come to us!

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