05 08 2017

We want more 2cv’s!

The last few months we’ve sold quite a lot and –due to the projects we’re doing- we haven’t had the time to find or restore new cars for our stock. We’ve bought some cars which we’re going to restore or respray in the oncoming weeks. Here’s a list of what you can expect to appear on our website:

-2cv6 Charleston burgundy/black ‘86 original NL 64.000km, completely restored
-2cv6 Vert Palmeraie ‘74 original NL 99.000km, completely restored
-Dyane 6 Gris Sable ‘70 import Spain, 68.000km, getting a respray
-AZAM6 Rouge Cornaline ‘67 original NL 137.000km, completely restored
-2cv6 Club Blanc Meije ‘88 import Germany 65.000km, completely restored

We’re also looking for nice, (almost) ready cars, so if you have any tips…

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