09 03 2020

Extended test drive for free!

Do you also rent 2cv’s? Well, not us, but our neighbours do!

Not entirely coincidentally, Ducktrail is our neighbour. We have been working together for years. They organise company outings with 2cv’s, but also rent them out if you want to make a nice trip yourself. Great with the family, with an open roof. Into the famous polders surrounding us or to the beach, North Holland has enough to offer. Look here for more info.

After a ride, many enthusiastic ducktrailers checked out our showroom. We already sold quite a few 2cv’s this way. So we thought that this is actually the ideal way to make a nice long test drive. Enjoying it all day, feeling how nice it is to ride a 2cv. And if you really like it and decide to buy one for yourself at our garage, then the costs for the extended test drive are for us of course!

Book your test drive now.; https://www.ducktrail.nl/eend-huren/

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