12 01 2023


Making automotive dreams come true

We have many ready-made cars in stock for you, but sometimes that is not enough. You feel like something special, something entirely to your own taste. Such plans make our eyes sparkle and our hands itch.

We can do a lot with 2cv , other A-types and HY buses. Our team of 15 is currently working on quite a few projects:

From a replica of someone’s old 2cv from the seventies but with a tuned 2-cylinder, a barnfind corrugated 2cv AZ that retains its patina but gets modern technology, a cool van for a dog walking service to an electric HY for a champagne shop in Amsterdam.

For example, we’re building this Mehari for someone’s holiday home. Completely new with galvanized chassis and tubular frame and smooth electric propulsion. It will be bright yellow.

Get inspired at our stand at Interclassics, check out this site, or simply approach us to share your dream! 

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