03 06 2020


Let’s have a rest from all that heat, but soon it will be Méhari-weather again. So prepare!

A few have gone already, but we still have some left. 

’75 Beige Hoggar | under construction | chassis, technique, tubular frame finished, parts on the shelves, can be driven this summer | from 18.000,-

’71 colour and finish to be chosen | under construction | can be driven late this summer | from 18.000,-

’83 Vert Montana 4×4 | ready for take off | 29.500,- | click here for more info.

’77 Vert Montana | total restoration to be started by us soon | different colour is an option | ready for the 2021 season | from 25.000,- | see below for a car we recently finished.

Or what about an electric Mehari tailor-made for you? Order now, drive in silence already this summer. For more information, visit our E-story page.

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