18 05 2021


Can a Mehari become even cooler than it already is. Of course!

This plastic car was often cheerfully coloured when it came from Citroën, its basis was after all in the late sixties. In the seventies they went all out on it, the craziest adventures were undertaken, beautiful constructions fitted and colorful paintwork applied.

Our client asked us to make a blank painting canvas, a white Mehari. He wanted to let his favorite artist go wild on it. Wall art is fun, driving in art is even better! We rebuilt the car from scratch and overhauled all technical parts and dropped in a 760cc engine from VGS, to make it seriously more powerful.

We delivered it to the pop-up studio of Selwyn Senatori, in the P.C. Hooftstraat, Amsterdam. In the shop window it was possible for shoppers to follow how love was portrayed on the corrugated plastic. After the vernissage it had its final assembly; it’s cool!

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