Traction Avant 15/6

€ 47.500,-
110.000 km

An original Dutch delivered Traction Avant is something you don’t come across very often. It’s a 6-cylinder. Completely restored? No, only technically overhauled and repainted 20 years ago. It even still has the original interior! And the history is completely described.

According to the RDW file, there are still 61 15/6s on Dutch registration, of which 2 were originally delivered in the Netherlands. On February 2, 1949, it was weighed by the Groningen Inspectorate, after which it was registered in the name of Mr Landweer on February 17. He ordered the car from Citroën Main Agent Garage Imex in Groningen, after which the car was delivered by the importer in Amsterdam for the sum of 8,700 guilders. The car received Mr Landweer’s personal provincial license plate, A9462.

The stately car was used as executive car for NV Veenderij and Turfkruidselfabriek v/h W.A. Scholten in Klazienaveen. After a year, the director switched to an American car and passes the 15/6 on to his administrator. The car will therefore receive a different provincial license plate, A1586. The plate is still with the car.

From 1951, the provincial registration plates were replaced by national ones. The change had to be carried out on existing cars by December 31, ’56 at the latest and this Traction Avant will be renamed VG-99-01 at the nick of time on December 15. The accompanying linen license plate contains a number of stamped dates, probably the moments of transfer of ownership. First from the company to the private ownership of the administrator and in 1968 to his son.

The son keeps the car and stores it at the local Norden garage in Zandeweer, where it has also been maintained for years. The son, and later a grandson, became devoted to Citroën and drove various DS and CXs over the years. One of those DS’s is still in possession.

Later the car was stored in an opposite warehouse of the local vegetable wholesaler, where it led a dormant existence for quite a long time, until the beginning of this century. When attempting to tow the car, the engine is damaged, after which the Blikwerk garage in Drachten carries out a technical overhaul and the car is also repainted. After this revitalization it is ready to be enjoyed again.

After being cherished in the same family for 61 years, the Traction Avant was sold to an enthusiast in 2010. He used to live in Zandeweer and knew the car. When visiting his family, he always went to the showroom of the Norden garage to look at the chic 15/6.

In 2021 the car will move to the next enthusiast in Friesland. The originality, history and especially the original Dutch registration really appeal to him. It is driven, but actually not enough. Partly because other cars demand attention as well. That is why a new custodian is being sought for this Dutch mobile heritage, where retention of the Dutch registration is a solid condition.