Peugeot D4B

€ 3.750,-
51.000 km

Around the war, the French brand Chenard et Walcker developed a commercial vehicle with front-wheel drive. Quite revolutionary, because it made the loading floor much lower. The CPV came on the market in 1946, earlier than the Citroën H(Y) which came on the market in 1948, but later than the pre-war Citroën TUB, both with “Traction Avant”.

The car was equipped with a small 2-cylinder 2-stroke engine, which was rather undersized. That is why it was decided to use the 4-cylinder of the Peugeot 202. When the company was doing less financially and Peugeot was the largest creditor due to the supply of the engines, the company was taken over and the bus was named Peugeot D3 some time later.

It got the engine from the 203 and was further developed into the D4 in 1955 with the engine of the new 403. The new model also got a sliding door on the side. From 1959 it was also available with a Diesel engine. The last model, D4B, was delivered until 1965. Then the J7 succeeded it.

This is such a D4B Diesel. Hit the road in 1963 we suspect, based on the chassis number. Unfortunately there is no Carte Grise, but a document from Peugeot has been requested to be able to re-register it. Furthermore, we do not know much about its history, other than that, judging by the license plate, it started driving in the Tarn department in 1966 and that it came to the Netherlands a few years ago.

It is used and dented, has already had several colors. Is solid at the bottom and the technique seems complete. The motor can be turned by hand, but we haven’t tried to start it yet. We leave that to you, when you’re giving it a nice new life.