HY Boullier

€ 12.500,-
77.000 km

The Boullier company from Laval built this HY horse van in ’65. Citroën supplied the chassis cab, a basis on which many coachbuilders developed their skills. Theault and Heuliez also built cattle and horse vans in various forms.

This model was intended for smaller horses, the length and height are aimed at this. Two horses are separated by a partition, in front of which there is an attic for the saddles and a door to the cabin.

It was probably used for local traffic, because with the smaller 1600cc engine it was not a speed monster. Judging by the dealer stickers, the car has not left the Mayenne department, of which Laval is the capital. Until an Englishman who traded in HYs bought it and sold it to a Dutchman.

In the Netherlands it was registered and made technically ready. Again the journeys were not long. It was used to transport 2 smaller horses from the stable at home to the beach. Here the horses walked comfortably through the salty water, which was good for their legs and hooves. Due to a rubber coating on the floor, the van did not suffer.

When they got older they stayed in the stable, together with the HY. We found it when it had been collecting dust for over 10 years. The engine was running smoothly again quite quickly. The floors are still quite solid. Externally it may need some improvement and technically it requires attention. But then you have a very nice and sympathetically designed horse van. Or a good basis for another purpose; food truck, camper, you name it.

The price is based on the car as it is. Of course we can also prepare it for you.