Dyane 6

€ 9.500,-
Rouge Geranium
82.000 km

We often hunt for new, newer, newest and exceptional cars. But just as often we have fun coming across a nice, appealing car. Like this Dyane. It was offered to us by a nice man in Spain, who sold it for the first owners. The Dyane immediately looked at us in the photos, the deal and contact went smoothly, that’s how it should go.

After a while the Dyane and we made us happy! Simply an honest car and exactly as described. Certainly not perfect, quite sloppily repainted, a bit of filler on the right and a dent on the left, so what. It is high on fun and low on rust, sits comfortably and drives wonderfully.

We’re going to pamper it with some fresh oil, tires and a new roof. Cleaning it, repairing the original black leatherette upholstery a bit, to make it ready for its integration exam.

We can already look forward to how we will make someone happy with it, because it will.